April 2, 2014

Worksharing Display Modes - Revit Tip

A great Revit tip is Worksharing Disiplay Modes, which is conveniently accessible inside of Revit. With these modes, users can easily visualize their model to understand what is happening in many areas in and around their project’s environment.

Prior to worksharing display, it was difficult to see which elements within Revit each user had ownership of. This oftentimes than not, created workflow issues when borrowed elements were modified. Another common problem is when users would forget to switch to the proper workset prior to placing elements in Revit. This resulted in multiple elements appearing on the wrong worksets.

The solution to avoiding these unnecessary workflow hurdles has now been simplified by using the Worksharing display command. With this command enabled (see control bar image below), users can choose between four worksharing display modes.

Checkout Status
Helps users distinguish between elements that are owned
by the individual, others or no one.

Individual owners will help users visualize exactly which
elements are belonging to which users.

The worksets tab helps users visualize elements based
on the workset to which they’re associated.

Model Updates
Allows users to see changes to the model and to observe
which elements have been deleted and/ updated.

Users can make changes to the colour display of these modes
by selecting Worksharing Display Settings.