March 31, 2010

FlexNet / LMTools 2011 updated version

A colleague I work with has confirmed that the 2011 release of Autodesk software contains an updated version of FlexNET / LMTools. Your Network license servers will need to be upgraded to the latest version (11.7) in order to ensure support for the latest 2011 and previous Autodesk product releases.

Upgrade procedure from Autodesk can be found below

March 30, 2010

Revit MEP 2011 - Conduit

As stated the other day I plan to post some of the new features in Revit MEP 2011 throughout the course of this week. Again many people have blogged about the features and done a great job. I have some small videos I would like to share, here is one on the new Conduit feature in RMEP. Note that I have not added audio, the video is a little quick but still real time, I must have been on a lot of red bull that day. enjoy!!

Be sure to click the FULL SCREEN button, sometimes the blog cuts off the video.

March 29, 2010

Revit MEP 2011 - Cable Trays

I have noticed a lot of post going around regarding the Revit 2011 products and many other bloggers have been listing the latest features of those products and doing a great job I might add. So what I thought I would do as the non-disclosure agreement has based with Autodesk is post a video on cable trays in Revit MEP 2011. Yes that is correct if you do not know already that Cable Trays and Conduit have now been added to the Revit MEP 2011 product.

Don't get me wrong, many other features have been added as well, but these two have been requested for a very long time and very much needed in RMEP. Here is a link to the video or you can view the video below I have embedded into this post. No audio in the video, just a small 2 min clip on Cable Trays.

Troubleshooting Whats New in Revit 2011

Autodesk posted a video last week on their youtube channel troubleshooting whats new in Revit 2011. This video here is intended to teach the common questions customers may encounter with the 2011 release of Revit products.

Understand how the new features will impact user we support through graphic generation, rendering, and work sharing.

I noticed the video had been viewed 305 times, not many considering the number of users, so here is the link again take a watch very useful information for the upcoming release of Revit 2011 products.

without Comics where would we be?

I was surfing the web the other day and came across a great site for comical relief the site is Architexts the creators have an almost daily web-based comic created for the amusement of user in the cad world.

I am now hooked after catching up and reading all the comic strip and have even added the site to my RSS reader for what I hope daily comical relief. If you become hooked make sure you read the tab on the website "Cast of Characters" this page gives you in site into the employees that are part of the comic strips.