November 6, 2015


Well today is not Tuesday and based on my previous post I would say I am 3 days late for this AutoCAD tip. Well better late than never, so let’s get started.

I had some issues this week with importing a CAD detail into Revit. Revit gave an error that the detail was way outside the import region. After a few tests I quickly realized that the issue was with the detail not being anywhere close to AutoCAD’s absolute 0,0,0 coordinates.

AutoCAD by default on install has the coordinates set to relative and this prompted me to make this video. Have you ever been stuck attempting to move objects within AutoCAD to absolute 0,0 only to find that the object stayed in place? Well that is because relative coordinates are set by default.

In this video below I show a quick way to move objects from relative coordinates to absolute 0,0,0 when relative is still set in the settings. I will also show you how to change relative coordinates setting as default back to absolute.

Now if that last sentence did not make any sense please watch the video I think I did a better job explaining in the video.