July 27, 2009

Solar Radiation Technology add on

Latest from Autodesk Labs is an add-on for Revit MEP and Revit Architecture called Solar Radiation Technology Preview. Use the Solar Radiation Technology Preview to analyze the effects of solar radiation on various surfaces of your conceptual building model.

You can find links to a video and read me files on using the add on in the link above. Be sure to have Revit Update #1 for 2010 installed before using this add on.

Revit MEP 2010 Update #1

Old news but good news, I just wanted to make the post link for the latest build for Revit MEP 2010 called Update #1. You can download the build from here Revit MEP 2010 Update #1. Remember that when an update comes out for one version of Revit, example Revit MEP, that same day a the same build will come out for Revit Architecture and Revit Structure.

When collaborating on a project coordinate and discuss with the other disciplines to stay on the same year and build number.