January 31, 2008

Adding Parenthesis to a Diffuser Tag

Adding Parenthesis to a Diffuser Tag and Removing the CFM

A question was asked on the Revit MEP discussion group on how to remove the CFM suffix from a diffuser tag and add parenthesis to match company standard.

As you all know I like to create videos to better show how to do something in Revit MEP. So here yet again is another video. Please see the attached video on how to create these tags. This is the workaround I have come up with.

Autodesk may actually have a solution, however at this time I do not believe they do. Would be nice to include this in a future release under "project units"

Note: You will need to create a tag for CFM that contain 2, 3, 4 etc zeros. example (xx) (xxx) (xxxx). I show this in the video.  This is the old way of creating parenthesis, now with 2010 and 2011 it’s a lot easier.