December 5, 2011

Multi Tag Devices Circuited on Same Panel

I had a request from a client on the following. Devices on same floor need to be tagged differently. One tag indicates device is circuited to panel on same floor and other device would have a different tag being circuited to same panel from different floor.

This can be difficult to achieve with Revit MEP because Panels have only 1 parameter called Panel Name that typically is added automatically to the device circuit tag if you have the Circuit Naming parameter set.

Video shows an added shared parameter for the naming of the panel and changing the Circuit Naming parameter properly so that 2 custom tags can display the proper information.

Example: Branch Panel 1 on first floor would read "BP.1-BP1" Device cicuited on same floor would tag "B1-1" and device circuited from a different floor to BP1 would tag as "BP.1-B1-1"

Hope this video can help many others in the Electrical world. Cheers

Video Here use full screen mode if viewing video below