March 29, 2011

RMEP 2012 What’s New Video #2

This video still has to do with system Enhancements but on the side of creating systems and the enhancements adding to this tool. You will see how each system can have their own graphics, material, abbreviation and rise drop symbols, also a new way to create systems.

Features List:

* Creating Systems *
* System Type Properties *
* Graphic Overrides *
* Turn off System Calculations *
* Add Material to System *
* Edit Rise & Drop Symbol

No longer do we need filters to control said features we can just use the type properties of a system. These new features will be a big time saver. You can view the video here on YouTube or see below.

In my next video and post I will show you the new duct and pipe placeholders feature. (think single lines)

Be sure to click the FULL SCREEN button, sometimes the blog cuts off the video.