March 29, 2010

Revit MEP 2011 - Cable Trays

I have noticed a lot of post going around regarding the Revit 2011 products and many other bloggers have been listing the latest features of those products and doing a great job I might add. So what I thought I would do as the non-disclosure agreement has based with Autodesk is post a video on cable trays in Revit MEP 2011. Yes that is correct if you do not know already that Cable Trays and Conduit have now been added to the Revit MEP 2011 product.

Don't get me wrong, many other features have been added as well, but these two have been requested for a very long time and very much needed in RMEP. Here is a link to the video or you can view the video below I have embedded into this post. No audio in the video, just a small 2 min clip on Cable Trays.