January 21, 2008

Revit 2008 Worksharing Monitor

Revit 2008 Worksharing Monitor - Subscription Customers Only

The Worksharing Monitor facilitates the use of Revit software in a worksharing environment, in which multiple people work on one project. For workshared projects, the Worksharing Monitor answers questions like the following:

• Who is currently working on this project?
• Is my local copy of the project up to date?
• When will my Save to Central operation finish?
• Has my request to borrow elements been granted?
• Are any issues interfering with my work on a Revit project?

Note: The Worksharing Monitor is not useful for standalone Revit projects, which do not use worksharing to divide the work for a project among several people.

To install and run Worksharing Monitor for Revit 2008, you need to have at least one product from the Revit 2008 product family installed on your computer. You must have a 2008 version installed, with SP2 or SP3 (also known as WU or web updates). Available products include:

• Revit® Architecture 2008, SP2 or SP3
• Revit® Structure 2008, SP2 or SP3
• Revit® MEP 2008, SP2 or SP3