January 31, 2008

Adding Ceiling Grid in Linked Model

Adding Ceiling Grid in Linked Model

The Setup:

My attached video will show you how to turn off the Architects ceiling grid and place your own ceiling grid in your Revit MEP model.

You see Architects don't always place the ceiling grid in the spot the Electrical designer would like, and the problem with linking in an Architects model is that you can't copy/monitor the ceiling grid in Revit MEP allow you to manipulate the placement of the ceiling grid.

In the video I will show you how to do just that, so you have more flexibility and can make sure the ceiling grid is set to your proper designs. This also makes things easier when placing Air Terminals and Lighting Fixtures in your views, as you can snap to the grid.

Make note that the MEP firm and the Architect should coordinate who is in charge of the grid. I personal think the MEP firm should be and the Architect should update his model accordingly.

Hope this helps at least one person in the Revit MEP world.