June 17, 2008

ARCAT - free library of BIM objects

We all know now about Autodesk Seek, BIM World, Revit City three main locations for Revit users to find content. Well here we go again, just as I finish my previous post I receive information in my inbox on another website this time offering free BIM object libraries.

Company name is ARCAT Inc. ARCAT provides building product information for architects, spec writers, engineers and contractors. Including 10,500 manufacturers with thousands of their cad details, specifications, wizards, links to every web site and other information. This data assists professionals in making informed product selections.

However that's not all the company has to offer, you can download BIM families, CAD libraries free. Here is the link ARCAT BIM Library

I downloaded a couple of families and yes they have a ton of information the families very spec driven which is what ARCAT is about. However on the MEP side of things they are missing the Electrical and Mechanical Connectors, that can created more work on our own end if using the MEP families. Some families are very detailed so some tweaking and cleaning up might be involved.

You also have to register before downloading any of the families no different then other sites offering free content. I have to say that surfing through some of the content that I am impressed with what is offered and how clean the interface is to browse for the content. Best of all every family has a 3D view showing.

I hope this post has opened your eyes to yet another company providing Revit content and that you can utilize some of the content for future projects.


Broutek - buy Revit Families

I believe this company was posted about last year on another blog, I wanted to post again for some of the new comers to the Revit Family of products.

Broutek Ltd. is a London-based company providing ready-to-use product families for Autodesk's Revit Platform.

You can request content that Broutek will create for your company and Broutek states they can have the content created in less than 48 hours. with no extra charge or obligation to purchase

If you want to buy families already created they have credit packs that you may purchase example would be $300 for 5 families. Currently posted on the web site I counted roughly 780 families available for purchase.

All families are fully parametric, and Broutek has sample families you can download. Here is the web site address Broutek Ltd.

Many companies such as Broutek are providing similar content over the web at a cost. So if your firm is in a bind for a specific family and does not have the staff or someone who knows family creation these companies might be the best alternative.

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June 11, 2008

Revit 2009 Update #1 Released

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have posted on my blog, a few months actually. Things have been hectic with wedding planning and work. I have not found the time to post.

Autodesk has released web update #1 for
Revit MEP, Structure and Architecture. You can find more information on the download pages. Build # (20080602 1900).

Download and Enjoy!